Update: Using DOS and VBScript to Upgrade your Revit Library for Free

Minor update to scripts and addition of scripted upgrade for template (rte) files as well as automated cleanup of associated files. Please grab a copy of the updated zip file here:


Identify Revit Builds Painlessly

I thought you might be able to use a tool to identify what Revit build is sitting on your pc. If so, continue reading…

  1. Are you a CAD/BIM manager responsible for installing and updating Revit on multiple computers?
  2. How about a quick way to check all the Revit Build Numbers on each computer without actually launching Revit?

Sounds good right? Download the zip file containing a short vbscript routine and run it on each machine that has Revit installed. It will display a web page with all the build information for each Revit product installed. It will look more or less like the image shown below.


Want to capture info from multiple computers?

  1. Search the code for the following string: “c:BTCrevitbuild.log”
  2. Replace it with a path to file somewhere on your network.
  3. Make sure to create the file in the appropriate folder
  4. Every machine that runs the script will now append it’s info to the log file.

Lather, rinse, repeat….

Daylight Savings Time comes early this year!

If you do nothing else to prepare for the 3 week early Daylight Savings Time adjustment, at least put the date and time in the subject line on any notices, appointments, and/or meeting requests you schedule. During the advance period of March 11th to March 25th, not everyone’s calendar will be behaving as expected. Do yourself and those you meet with a favor. Check your calendars frequently and place the date and time of the meeting in the subject line. You’ll be glad you did.

DST commonly begins in the northern hemisphere on the last Sunday in March or the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October. However, due to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, beginning in 2007, the United States will begin observing DST from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November. (Studies will determine if this remains permanent.)” – Wikipedia

Here are some links to information that will help with your DST adjustments:

Microsoft Discussion
Windows XP (SP2) – KB 928388
Windows XP (SP1) – Not Supported
Windows Server 2003 – KB 928388
Windows 2000 – Apply TZEDIT.EXE manually
Windows NT4 – Not Supported
Microsoft Outlook – Check the Microsoft Download Center
Windows Mobile Devices – Microsoft KB Article 923953
Windows CE – KB 923027

Hope that helps