Thursday, February 14, 2008

Revit 2009 Interface Changes - Open

Autodesk Revit 2009 changes the equation from the start...

Accessing the "Open" dialog reflects some changes in the interface beyond the "landing page" look of the drawing window on first launch. As seen in the image below, the option toggles have been relocated from the right side to the bottom below the file type selector. Also relocated are the "workset" initial open selections from a combo box on the right to an option button immediately adjacent to the "Open" button.

A nice feature of the new open dialog is the ability to add the current folder to the list of "places". Need to restore the standard folders? That option is also available in the "tools" command button.

Of course, the default has not changed from "Last Viewed" and although this ensures consistency, it sure would be nice to store that setting and recall it per user rather than a global "he who saves last knows best" setting.

Did you notice something missing? Post a comment with your answer.

Revit 2009...let the sharing begin!

You should soon be seeing alot more information on Revit Architecture 2009 both here at besidethecursor , at AUGI, and elsewhere on the web. You will also soon be seeing more information at Autodesk.

Over the next few weeks the Revit Architecture web site will be updated with Revit Architecture 2009 information and the public discussion groups will be launched at

First up, the image shown above. That's right, the desktop icons are all going to change. It'll definitely make it easier to find on our cluttered desktops.
More to come...

Attempting to fix feed...stay tuned.

The rss feed has apparently been broken since early October last year. I am working on this issue and hope to have the feed fixed shortly.


Monday, February 04, 2008

AUGI Meetup in Larkspur California

Hello All,

Sorry for the short notice, but hopefully people will be able to attend. Please join us for a Larkspur meetup this Wednesday evening at the Marin Brewery. The AUGI Board is in the San Francisco Area working on issues. Come by and meet your AUGI Board of Directors, share your concerns, share your thoughts, or just buy a beer and some good food with your fellow AUGI members.


Wednesday 2/6/2008
7:00 pm til?


Marin Brewing Company
1809 Larkspur Landing Cir
Larkspur, CA 94939
Get Directions
(415) 461-4677

Google Map to Marin Brewery - Click to get directions

What to Underdogs, Lynn Allen, and the Board of Directors have in common?

Thank you to Lynn and Craig for welcoming the AUGI Board of Directors into your home last evening for the greatest super bowl party of all time. Thanks for all the hospitality and camaraderie. Here is a photo taken after celebrating the underdog's win!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Beside the Cursor is back on line

The domain parking issue has been resolved with IPower.
...the blogging shall resume.