Update to Chainlink Fence (Railing)

Update to Chainlink Fence (Railing)

I’ve updated the Chainlink as Railing example to utilize the latest railing styles and modified the construction to allow for displaying in a site view with x’s as the post.  I’ve also added a material that renders as chain link.  So now you get the easy creation method of the rail object, with surface patterns, render material, and you can control visibility in your site view to show as a traditional linework.  Since its a railing, it will also allow curves.Here is a site view of the “fence” in action:

Here is an elevation view in realistic mode:

Here is an elevation “hidden line” view showing the surface pattern:

Here is a rendered view:

Here is how it is constructed.

Continuous Chain Link Fence_2014


Revit Buildchecker Version 9 for 2015 Products

I updated this tool last year, but didn’t upload it to the blog.
Sorry folks, here is a copy that works with products 2008 through 2015.