VBA Quick Tip

I am writing a quick select case this am and remembered something I thought I’d share with you. Don’t worry about closing quotes around strings when it is the last character on the line. The VBA editor will do it for you when you hit the enter button. So my shortcut was to copy the beginning of the plotstyle name and Case statement to the clipboard and for each new line I simply paste, add the end of the style name and hit “Enter” key. The VBIDE adds the close quote for me.

Here is what I paste from the clipboard – Case “Black-
I added the word: XBold and hit return. The result is shown below:

Case “Black-XBold”

Text Layer Movement in GIMP – Quick Tip

I’m working in GiMP creating new icons for some Acad based tools. Rather than switching from the Text tool to the move tool and back again, try just closing the “GiMP Text Editor” window and then use your arrow keys to move the layer around. Double click on the text layer in the layer window to reactivate the Editor window.

Revit Annotation Family Tip

When creating Annotation symbols for use in Revit, make sure that you turn off the Reference Planes & Reference Lines (Visibility graphics) in the view prior to saving your family. If you leave them on, your thumbnail graphic will get created at the extents of the planes/lines rather than the extents of the symbol. It’s easier to identify at insertion time if you have an easy to see thumbnail.