Maintenance Update 1 Now Available for Revit Architecture 2011

There is a Web Update available for Revit Architecture 2011.

32-bit Download: Click here

64-bit Download: Click here

Readme: Click here

P.S. I understand that all the flavors are available too.

ACA 2011 – Where is Unisolate Object Command

I was tweaking the ACA Menu keyboard shortcuts today and couldn’t find the Unisolate Object command… seems it has been renamed to “End Isolation” – make that CTRL + U and you’re good to go again!

REVIT: Masking Regions prevent Material Tagging in Sections & Elevations

Ever run into an issue where you are tagging by material and no matter what you do the tag won’t populate in a certain view?

Scenario: Grab bars are inserted on the walls in a toilet stall in the model. Interior elevation callouts are placed. Boxed material tags are added in the plan acting as keynotes. Interior Elevations views are activated, but no matter how the designer tries to select the grab bar being cut (side section/elevation), they still see a boxed question mark. The boxed material tag works in the forward elevation and in the plan, so what is the problem?

Solution: Edit the grab bar family and remove the masking regions applied to the left or right view.

Revit Annotations – Cannot Tag Materials in Wireframe

When you get that frantic call from someone saying that Revit doesn’t work because they can’t tag like they did before, ask them if their view is set for wireframe.

You cannot tag by material when the view is in wireframe mode.