Revit 2009 UI revisited – for those with tough firewalls

I was working with a client today who was struggling with the move from Revit Architecture 2009 to 2010. With the imminent release of Revit 2011, I recommended that they download the zip file Gregory Arkin had made available at This way they could happily avoid the 2010 Ribbon and learn the Ribbon when they moved to the improved 2011 version.

Since I knew them to have a restrictive firewall, I renamed the zip file to a text file and emailed it on over. In response, I received a warning email regarding viruses based on a zero tolerance email sniffer attached to their firewall. Since I knew all the file renameing was going to be a problem, I came up with the following solution.


This text file can be downloaded, renamed as a zip file and then extracted to the correct location (“c:Program FilesAutodesk Revit Architecture 2010Program”). Once the files have been extracted to this folder do the following:

1. Rename the file “_Rename_and_Run_Me.txt” to Rename.bat
2. Double click on Rename.bat to automatically rename all the files to their original names.
3. Now follow the original instructions regarding copying the shortcuts to your desktop.

Thanks Gregory for the files, hopes this helps someone else.

Revit Blogger Day – Revit 2011 PDF Download

Too much in-for-ma-tion…run-ning through my brain….too much in-for-ma-tion. Feel free to learn more about the new features in the 2011 products.





Enhancements to Revit Architecture 2011

Autodesk Revit Architecture helps architects and designers work naturally, design freely, and deliver projects efficiently. Purpose-built for building information modeling (BIM), Revit Architecture helps explore design concepts and forms, and better maintain design data through documentation and construction. With parametric change technology, any change made is automatically updated throughout your model, keeping design and documentation coordinated and more reliable.

Key new features include:
Large team workflow
Enhanced visualization
Enhanced documentation

Revit 2011 – Revit / BIM Marketshare Tipping Point

There is a lot to learn and embrace in Revit 2011. If you’ve been waiting to move from a CAD platform to a true BIM modeling solution, now is the time. Plan to upgrade your hardware to really embrace the productivity enhancements. No sense driving a race car without the horsepower to make it respond.

Gregory Arkin has been posting like mad about 2011 – get the skinny here. Register through his link to watch the Live Webcast and help him get a free Autodesk pen.

Steve Stafford has a link to an article that is worth reading – here.

David Light should have some youtube videos linked up soon – here

Detecting 32bit or 64bit OS in VBscript

As part of the process of updating some machines to 64bit this week, I realized that I’ll have to adjust existing code to automate updates and service packs on the affected machines. I wrote previously about a similar function in lisp here.

Here is the VBScript version:

On Error Resume Next

Dim WshShell
Dim OsType

Set WshShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)

OsType = WshShell.RegRead(“HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerEnvironmentPROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE”)

If OsType = “x86” then
wscript.echo “Windows 32bit system detected”
elseif OsType = “AMD64” then
wscript.echo “Windows 64bit system detected”
end if