Find the cure for MS – Help team Autodesk achieve their goal

I received the following message from AUGI friend Roopinder Tara.

I’ll be doing a charity ride for MS this weekend with Team Autodesk. We are
trying to raise money but are well short of our goal. Would you mind helping
spread the word on your blog? Any help from you to spread the word would be much
appreciated. I’ve included an ad in case you can use it, feel free to modify it
to fit your site.
BTW, if you know someone who is affected by MS, pls send me
the name. I will wear names of people on my back.

Thanks very much in advance.

Roopinder Tara
Editor TenLinks

More information on the Team Autodesk page:
You can also refer to the press release by TenLinks:

Good Luck to you Roopinder and Team Autodesk!

Impression – Hand Rendered or Stylized? BOTH are possible

I held another Brown Bag Lunch yesterday with the focus on Autodesk Impression. As part of the discussion, I prepared some examples of entourage for review. One of the images below is a stylized tree created with Impression linework. The other is a hand rendered tree that was digitally remastered by scanning into Gimp, removing the background, and then converting into a block inside Impression. I added the same drop shadow style to both images.

You can download a copy of the the impression file containing both blocks by clicking on the below.


For more info on Revit, read Brian Benton’s articles in the latest issue of AUGIWorld Magazine.

ADOBE CS3 Font Issue Resolved – “something prevented the text engine from being initialized

Having trouble with Adobe Photoshop? I ran across an issue with uneditable text in a photoshop file on a designer’s pc. After uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t work, I found a solution in adobe’s online forums. If you get this message when opening a file:

“Could not complete your request because something prevented the text engine
from being initialized.”

You can fix it by closing photoshop, and deleting the lst files found in this location:
%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsApplication DataAdobeTypeSupport

Adobe will recreate the files next time pshop is launched and your problem will be gone.

Here is an image of what it looks like in photoshop.