Getting free tools and books via twitter

For all of you manager-tools followers, (I’m one too!) I thought I’d post a quick note about twitter. I use it to keep a loose connection to my friends and acquaintences and hopefully to move some of the information firehose known as “email” into a more appropriate tool. Twitter can help to get your inbox to zero too!
But it is not all noise, today I found out:

  • I could get a free copy of “The Art & Science of CSS” from the folks at
  • I could get a free copy of Zone Alarm Pro

Now you know too! But hurry, like the posting box on twitter – the window is small

Free Autodesk certification for all AU attendees.

Want to get Autodesk certified? Are you certifiable? Find out by attending AU 2008 in Vegas. According to the special offers page, you can get a free voucher that waives the exam fee (up to $125 value) and it will be good for up to 6 months.

Just follow these steps:
1. Upon arriving and registering at AU you’ll receive a voucher.
2. Go to booth #120 for more information or go directly to Zeno 4710, present the voucher, and take the exam. Exams held during AU are organized by Autodesk (but please note, that exam spaces are limited during AU).
3. Your voucher is valid for six months. So even if you don’t take the exam during AU, you may still use the voucher to get certified for free at participating Autodesk Authorized Training Centers.