Key Indicators Correct Customization File is Loaded

Someone asked this question today.

How do I get the dwg setup menu and display manager/viewport scale menus to display at the bottom of the AutoCAD Architecture or Architectural Desktop interface?

Apparently, these items had disappeared from someone’s profile – see image below:

These interface components are part of the main customization file…when these items disappear, the chances are real good that the main cui file is no longer an ADT or ACA file. I suggested reloading the profile.

Problem solved.

Other Modemacro goodies

The recent LT Unlimited blog article by Kate Morrical titled: “Customize the Status Bar with MODEMACRO” reminded me of some customization I recently wrote. I received a call from a remote architect who needed some assistance with Linetypes. She was concerned that when switching from model to paperspace her linetypes weren’t always displaying correctly.

I explained that she should be adjusting her ltscale variables in order to see the linetypes when in modelspace. She wished for an “automatic solution”. So I wrote a quick macro, using VBA, to automatically set the correct lt and psltscale values based on the current value of dimscale. I tied the macro to the AcadDocument_LayoutSwitched event so that whenever she switched layouts, the macro would update the values.

To provide graphic feedback that this system was working I chose to use the MODEMACRO system variable. Here is the macro in action with visual feedback occuring on the status bar.

Here is the code from the vba macro that sets the MODEMACRO variable. You can see from the code snippet below, that I am displaying the current value of the MEASUREMENT, DIMSCALE, LTSCALE, and PSLTSCALE variables.

ThisDrawing.SetVariable “modemacro”, “WB_STATUS- UNITS: $(IF, $(=,

AIA Compensation Model Survey – Win $100 Amex Gift Check

I received the following survey notice recently from Markku Allison, AIA the resource architect for the American Institute of Architects. Feel free to post, retweet, rejaw, and plurk this along to any designer, constructor, or owner you think might wish to weigh in on this survey.

The AIA is conducting an initiative regarding current compensation practices in the industry, which involves comparing various compensation models to project type, size, and delivery methods. The AIA has hired The Rickinson Group, an independent third party market research firm to assist with this effort. If you are a designer, constructor, or owner with recent built project experience we would like to request your participation in an online market research survey. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to be taken to the survey. We ask that you complete the survey by September 12th, 2008. Because this survey is being conducted by an independent third party, you can be assured that your responses are strictly confidential and will only be reported in aggregate form only. Note that this project is being conducted under the guidance of the AIA’s counsel to ensure compliance with antitrust issues. Survey results will be used to inform a guide to compensation models for teams in a transformed industry, which will be publicly available from the AIA at no cost by year end 2008.

To complete the survey,
please click on the link below, or paste the link into your web browser. In appreciation for your participation, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of five $100 American Express Gift Checks. You will be asked near the end of the survey for your email address in order to be entered into the drawing for the gift checks. Winners will be notified via email. The drawing is managed by The Rickinson Group; your identity will be kept confidential and will not be revealed to the survey sponsor.


please feel free to post my invitation or forward it to anyone you think will
find it of interest! please send me the link if you do post—



Markku Allison, AIA
Resource Architect

The American Institute of Architects
1735 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006-5292