Sketchup Can NOW be used for Energy Analysis?

Wow, this is really interesting. Apparently Integrated Energy Solutions, IES, now has included Sketchup in the list of tools that can integrate with its building performance analysis tools to indicate yearly average energy consumption and carbon emissions. It remains to be seen whether the typical sketchup model used for visualization can be adjusted to work with IES. According to IES, it is a simple 5 step system. It is a great time to be involved in BIM

I haven’t worked with this latest plugin, but according to IES, there is now a seemless path for energy analysis that includes Sketchup and Revit.

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Use the Alt Key to Align Annotation in Snagit

Tired of inserting a line or stamp or an arrow head in your snagit screen capture only to have to go back and move the endpoints? This typically happens when you’ve already got some vector based artwork on the capture. Try this:

Instead of inserting and then moving or stretching, try holding the ALT key down while placing your annotation. Now you can insert it anywhere, even on top of existing annotation.

Works for me! See this in Action below.

What are you doing? Follow AUGI at AU using Twitter

What are you doing?

This year it will be easier than ever to find out about Autodesk University happenings by using Twitter. If you are already using twitter then click this link or the image shown on the left and hit the “follow” button to subscribe.

Not sure what Twitter is? Visit the twitter site and read up or get the cliff’s note version by watching the following video created by the talented folk at common craft (See video below).

I’m following AUGIatAU. Are you?

Snagit Quick Tip – Use SNAG format for Screen Captures

Here’s a tip for all you snagit users. Next time you create a screen capture. Save the file as a “SNAG” format file.

This maintains all your annotation objects (text, arrow heads, stamps, etc.) as live editable objects instead of flattening them down to the background. Then when you realize that you want to edit that screencap again, you can simply double click on any of the intelligent objects to move them, change them, correct the spelling, etc.

My opinion: Snagit is the premier screencapture utility. I use it daily!