VSTA for Revit Architecture Install – (Think VBA’s replacement!)

I installed the recently received Autodesk Revit Architecture 2009 application on my laptop the other day. In browsing the DVD, I noticed a folder titled VSTA. If you want to install the Visual Studio for Applications for use with Revit, pick the bottom installer option for tools and utilities as shown below.

I didn’t see any mention of this in the documentation, readme, or the installer for the basic product. I did see reference and tutorials in the SDK install, but one has to know to look for these. I found a cryptic mention of this in the New Features Workshop. If you look in the Revit Architecture Help file, you’ll find mention of “Creating Macros with Revit VSTA”…grab Gregory Arkin’s pdf version using the link below.

Install Steps:

  1. Install the Revit Product First
  2. Go back to first page of installer and then install the VSTA tools.

The install is much improved in this release…much faster too!

Now lets see how it runs…..

Note: The product install forces an install of Design Review 2009. This may impact those of you running the BIM Smart Library by Reed Construction Data. If you create a deployment, you can potentially modify the installation.

Links: Looks like other sites have more info on this.
Check out

Detecting XP64 versus XP32 – Autolisp Function

Do you need a function that detects whether AutoCAD is running under XP32 or XP64? I had the need today. This is what I came up with:

;;; Begin code

;;; =========================================================================
;;; Function: RLB:XP64Detector
;;; Purpose : Function to detect running under 64 or 32bit XP
;;; Author : Richard Binning
;;; Date : 4/10/2008
;;; Call : (RLB:XP64Detector “Wow6432Node”)
;;; Example : (if (= 0 (RLB:XP64Detector “Wow6432Node”))
;;; (alert “32 Bit Detected”)
;;; (alert “64 Bit Detected”)
;;; )
;;; Params : subKey: Name of XP64 Registry Key for installing 32bit apps
;;; Local : keyVal: Value of key sought
;;; : profileStr
;;; Returns : a number greater than 0 if running under XP64
;;; Notes : Placed in use to load correct version
;;; ================================================================================
(defun RLB:XP64Detector (subKey / keyVal retVal profilesStr)
(setq keyVal nil)
(setq profilesStr (strcat “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE” subKey))
(setq keyVal (reverse (vl-registry-descendents profilesStr)))
(vl-list-length keyVal); return value

;;; end code

Anyone like to test this under vista?