New REVIT Builds Available – Still waiting on MEP

Anyone else cursed with the “Corrupt Element ####### detected…” problem in Revit 2008?

I just completed another repair on the central model. I really can’t wait until MEP is updated so that I can publish these builds and get the team installed. Want to know what else is fixed by the latest build? Click on the Web Update Enhancement List links below.
Want to download the latest English builds?
Get it/them at Autodesk by following these links:

Its not a party til all disciplines are on the same build….

Revit MEP Piping Elbows with Insulation Fix

Are you adding pipes to your BIM model using REVIT MEP? If you run into a problem getting your insulation to appear correctly, try reconnecting your pipes at the offending fitting by first breaking the connection to the fitting and then reconnecting it using the grips provided.


The RCP pipe shown above has a 5″ Insulation on the elbow to match the pipe it is connected to simulating the 5″ thick wall of the concrete pipe. Problem is, the fitting doesn’t display correctly even though the system is connected…And the setting is saved in the element properties as shown below.

The Fix…Break and reconnect it using grips.

This will reset the insulation to 0″. A quick trip into the element properties, resolves the problem by adding the 5″ setting again!

Note: “Delete and undo did not work!”

Puhleeze! Set your Active Workset

All of you Reviteers working in a workset enabled project, please do your team mates a favor and set your active workset as the first activity upon opening your local file. The easiest way is to select it from the Worksets Toolbar. Don’t have it visible, then activate it and use it following the steps below. If you have it visible as shown in the graphic below then just use it! You may not save the planet, but you might save your sanity.

1.) Activate the Worksets Toolbar. – Right click in the grey area next to a toolbar icon and choose “Worksets” as shown in the graphic below.