Are you using the AUGI Toolbar?

Did you know that AUGI has published a toolbar for Internet Explorer to help you stay connected to AUGI and its programs? This has been a secret project of mine and I am happy to announce that it is now available for download at To learn more about this toolbar click here.

Ready to download and install? Download now…

Want a Firefox/Mozilla version? Coming Soon…

BIM Survey Request

Are you using a Building Information Modeling process to deliver your designs? Have you integrated fabrication or analysis to your design process through BIM methods? If you are experienced with BIM your input is needed. Please complete the survey available at this link to add your insight to the BIM Implementation and Application Survey.

All information is to be used solely for research. The findings may be shared with participants upon request, but all identifying information will be removed prior to release. Individual company names and contact information will not be included in any material shared. I will happily share this data with anyone requesting it, provided they have participated in helping me collect the data by completing the survey.



Quick Fix for OLE Object Plotting Poorly

Having problems plotting embedded Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or other OLE objects such as Microsoft Word documents or JPEG images in AutoCAD? Check the setting of your OLEQUALITY variable and change its value to 3 and make those problems a thing of the past! This variable is saved in your registry, so like those Ronco commercials will tell you, you can set it and forget it

Want to ensure that it is always set correctly? Add the following code snippet to your acaddoc.lsp file.

;; Set OLEQUALITY TO Automatic

Here is a little more info straight from the help files:

Type: Integer
Saved in: Registry
Initial value: 3

Sets the default plot quality for OLE objects. When OLEQUALITY is set to 3, the quality level is assigned automatically based on the type of object. For example, spreadsheets and tables are set to 0, color text and pie charts are set to 1, and photographs are set to 2.

0 Monochrome

1 Low graphics

2 High graphics

3 Automatically Select

Get your Wishes Granted!

Get your wishes granted by visiting and voting on the just released AutoCAD wishlist. This is the first voting cycle for 2006, so the earlier you get your wish in the better it is for the developers! That’s right, you heard me correct. Not only do these wishes get voted on and tabulated, but the AutoCAD product designers actually review the wishlists and voting and use this to assist them in designing new features.

Why are you still reading this? You should be voting by now!