AutoCAD Drawing Viewer as a replacement for VoloView

I was recently updating an internal policy on CAD sotware usage inside and outside of the design division of our company. As more and more construction personnel have the need to view and work with drawing files, it is increasingly important to have a tool to allow native viewing and plotting of AutoCAD files.

No sooner had I begun my search for a voloview replacement when I received Ralph Grabowski’s latest email blast announcing upFront.Ezine NEWS #448. which contained a reference to this new tool in his “Below the Radar” column.

Autodesk gets with the program by (re-)releasing a DWG viewer. No lightweight, the no-charge download is 100MB from

How timely, and thanks again for your timely e-zine Ralph! I’ll report back on the use of this new viewer after I test it. Beginning download now!

The AUGI Board of Directors extends the nomination deadline!

Have you thought of running for the AUGI Board of Directors? Thought you missed the deadline? Have no fear. A decision made during this evening’s Board of Directors meeting means that you can still submit your 300-400 word statement including image and contact info. Send your nomination in to the AUGI Secretary by Friday, October 21st, 2005 to be considered for the upcoming election cycle to begin during AU this November.

AUGI Bylaws link
AUGI Elections Info link

Have you seen Blaugi?

AUGI has launched a new service for the design community. By combining technology and industry leaders, the online community has a new source of news of interest to the design community. The marriage of web-log (blogging) technology and AUGI has resulted in Blaugi!

Blaugi has been targeted to provide information and news to the online community and is available without requiring a membership in AUGI, but with AUGI membership FREE why would anyone resist? Those of you web-savvy readers who will want to subscribe to this fantastic resource can click this link.

Blaugi provides the following categories and is sure to expand based on demand and interest levels.

CAD Management

Recent Posts include:

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ADT: Routine to Copy Layer Keys Between Layer Key Styles

Ever wish you had a method for copying Layer Keys between styles? Grab a copy of this routine and you’ll be able to copy keys from one drawing to another or among styles within the same drawing. To run this routine:

1.) using VBARun at the command line choose to run the “showformnew” macro.

2.)Once the Main dialog is shown select the source layer key style drawing by clicking the “Browse” option from within the “Source” combo dropdown identified by the number 1 in the graphic shown above. Once you browse to a file and choose it, you will be asked whether to open the drawing read only.

3.) Once you have chosen a drawing, click in the Source Layer key Style dropdown identified by the number 2 in the graphic shown above and choose your Source layer Key Style from those provided in the list. (See Graphic for example)

4.) You will now see a popup dialog confirming your selection and directing you to begin selecting your target file and keystyle. This dialog box will dismiss itself after 3 seconds. Repeat the process begun in steps 2 and 3 by choosing from the right side of the main dialog box. Choose your target drawing file by clicking the target drawing file dropdown indicated by the red number four in the first graphic.

5.) Proceed to the last dropdown box and select your target key style from those listed in the key style drop down box indicated by the red number 4 in the first graphic.

6.) Once you have completed the target file and keystyle selection you should see the form stretch to display the missing keys found in the source but not found in the target. (see graphic below.)

7.) All that remains is for you to choose whether to allow overrides, select the keys to be copied, and click the button in the lower right hand corner to complete the task.

Note: This was all done via vba. I have unlocked the macro so feel free to improve the routine. All I ask is that you please email me your improved/debugged copies and let me know what you think of this utility.