BIM (conference on Building Information Modeling)

Organized by PhD program, College of Architecture, Georgia Tech
The LaiserinLetter

is being held at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center today and tomorrow.

Today, we enjoyed morning coffee in the lounge area on the second floor before migrating to Auditorium 235 for a series of presentations and discussions sure to impact our industry for a long time. The conference was designed to answer the following questions encircling the concept of Building Information Modeling.

What is BIM and what is it supposed to do? What technologies does BIM rely on? What companies are contributing to the BIM effort? What new functional and business capabilities does BIM afford? What are the current limitations? Can they be overcome? What are the benefits, today and when in widespread usage? Finally, what are the impacts and transition costs associated with BIM?

Return here for more info as soon as I get a chance. I’m Mindmapping the conference. Here is a sneak peek!

Astro-Turfing and other Boorish behavior!

According to an online wiki based jargon site, the term “astroturfing” is derogatory term for misrepresenting oneself as a member of a growing groundswell of opinion. Other terms include “sock puppet” and “tentacle”. The common definition covers those “paid shills” who represent themselves as part of a “grass roots” movement to support a certain belief, product, or other cause by defrauding and misrepresentation.
I am still debating whether a “Troll” or an “astro-turfer” is worse. A troll is someone who, “must be heard” and is incapable of “being corrected.” They frequently post just to be heard, often about topics they are complete amateurs in. I am currently leaning towards the “astro-turfer, since he/she is a complete fraud who presents him/herself as something they are not while being paid. They are insidious and much harder to detect than the common troll. Trolls are a different story and generally much easier to detect.
But whatever the case, the internet and collaboration environments are better off without them, be they called any of the following: sock puppet, psuedo, troll, astro-turfer, etc. Beware of them all!