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I started putting these thoughts to blog and clicked the upload an image button and instantly all my words were replaced by a blank screen. I have since allowed popups from this site temporarily, but now I am typing it all in again.

My son, now four years old, is a huge fan of cyborgs and most things robotic. Teen Titans and cyborg in particular are a favorite of his. I stumbed on the following site and entered my name just to see what the acronym would be. Check it out for yourself …as I copy this text to the clipboard before pressing the image upload button again. I also queried my wife’s and son’s names just to be thorough….

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Lots of new ideas being discussed and developed for members at We are the premiere support site for Autodesk Users around the world. Visit our forums and post your requests for new services.

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AUGI CAD Camp The First of Many to Come…

A day of training, networking and good food and fun. AUGI Cad Camp was all that and more. Put September 27th, 2005 in your calendar for the next Jacksonville event. Get ready for this new phenomenon to come your way. We’ve got 6 dates targeted for February/March of 2005 in cities throughout the United States. We’ll be bringing top notch entertainment, training, and food to a city near you. Would you like a chance to mingle with other AutoCAD users and share tips, tricks, triumphs, and tragedies? This is your chance. Be sure to check the link below to learn more about this great event. Also, be sure to visit and read the latest edition of HotNews for an indepth article about Jacksonville’s recent Premiere of the new AUGI Cad Camp roadshow.